Powell International Pte Ltd | Port Handling
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Port Handling

Powell has stock of Original Prop shaft components from GKN land system European made aftermarket Prop shaft components, we can provide partial repair or supply of brand new Propshaft.


We also provide cross reference against original part no. for Prop shaft manufacturing parts use according to customer’s demand.


Cardan shaft are used extensively on the Port Area

  • Quay Crane
  • RTG
  • Prime mover
  • Forklift


Major features of the Cardan shaft include

  • high resistance to dynamic load variations
  • large deflection angles
  • uniform load distribution throughout the axial displacement range
  • Low rotational diameter, low weight, and versatile flange connections.


We have complete stock of the genuine spare parts here in Singapore to assist you better and faster.

GKN 687 series