Powell International Pte Ltd | Off-Highway Vehicle
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Off-Highway Vehicle

Off-Highway Vehicles

Our extensive product line includes OEM half shafts, Propshafts, and PTO Driveshafts for off-highway vehicles. Off-highway applications have distinctly different requirements than automobiles and light vehicles, for example:


  • Off-highway vehicle and industrial driveshafts are under constant torque and load.
  • ATVs and off-highway vehicles driveline often have high angle/high torque requirements.
  • Industrial applications can combine high torque and power loads with unusual configurations and dimensions.


Industrial drivelines are produced in a wide range of sizes with either maintenance-free or greaseable universal joints. Products are available using forged steel for higher-strength requirements or ductile iron to reduce cost. Full customization of materials, features, sizes and tolerances is offered to meet your OEM applications.

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