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Paper and Pulp Industries

Paper and Pulp Industries

Cardan Shaft requirement in Pulp and paper industry range GKN 390 super heavy duty to GKN 587 & GKN 687 Medium range cardan shaft.in paper Industry Cardan Shafts are used on- Calendar Section Rolls, Dryer Section Rolls, Couch & Wire Turning rolls, Head Box- rectifiers, On-Off line Coating Section Rolls, Off-time super Calendar Section Rolls, Press Section Pickup, Suction Press Rolls, Pulpers & Pumps, Reels Section Rolls and Unwind/Wind Rolls.


We constantly strive to work closely with our partners on the ground, providing product training, supervision on installation work and provide site inspections.


We have complete stock of the genuine spare parts here in Singapore to assist you better and faster.

GKN 390 series
GKN 687 series